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Viruses/spyware on the uptick!

I’ve had three calls on infestations in the last two days from non-managed customers.  From what I could tell, they all acquired the malware from “normal” websites that took advantage of systems that were not fully patched.

Yesterday afternoon had several trojans and the TDSS rootkit.  The following was my process for removal:

1. Ran scan with MalwareBytes (my current goto software for this sort of thing.  It identified and removed lots of stuff, but of course it wasn’t able to remove the rootkit.  Fortunately, it WAS able to identify the files containing the rootkit even though they were hidden.

2. Manually cleaned up the registry run entries and the HOSTS file.

3. Booted to Bart’s CD to remove the rootkit files.

4. Updated AVG and ran scan that identified a few holdover files.

5. Ran a final MalwareBytes scan to make sure I got everything.

6. Installed XP-SP3 and all the rest of the updates to bring the system current.

Whew!  Total 4 hours of scanning/rebooting.  $$$ in my pocket, but rather boring.  I need to remember to bring a good book to these jobs.

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