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Tech News to Use: Bye Bye PC

Just wanted to let you know about a very interesting article I ran across that describes computer technology to date and where it is probably going in the future:

Platform shifts Mainframe to Mini to PC to Mobile. Why leaders fail to make the shift by Don Dodge of Google (Not long ago, Don worked for Microsoft)

“Think about the mobile phone you had in 1999, just a little over 10 years ago. Mine was a Motorola StarTac flip phone. It was state of the art at the time, but it had no camera, no email, no text messaging, no web browsing…just a phone. Now think about where mobile devices will be in 10 years. The iPhone you have today will feel like the StarTac of 10 years ago.”

In the early days of computing, as many of you may remember, the processing power was kept in the back rooms and we linked to them via “dumb” terminals that were tethered by data cables.  In the coming years, it’s looking like it’s going full circle and processing will move to centralized Internet (cloud) facilities.  The difference is that with ubiquitous and virtually unlimited wireless broadband access, the tether is gone.

Interaction, (email, spreadsheets, CAD Design, etc.), with the “cloud” servers may take place from mobile devices, inexpensive desktop tablets, and perhaps even sci-fi like glasses.  Think about how this may affect your various business opportunities.  Will we be ahead of the curve or will we wake up one day to find our competitors running circles around us?

One way that I’m going to try and keep up is to take some deep dives into cloud services that are applicable to my life.  Currently, I’m digging into a service called Remember the Milk.  RTM is a powerful task management system with both free and premium subscription options.  The premium option allows you to install a client software on your data enabled cell phone.  The free version is otherwise unrestricted.  There’s a learning curve to take advantage of all the features, but it’s fairly easy to get started and use it for simple task reminders.

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