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Microsoft Windows 7 – Prepare to be Amazed!

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

I installed the Win7 Beta (Build 7000, cute eh?) on my little HP Mini
and it couldn’t have been easier. Every single driver was installed
automatically including the wi-fi network card.

I timed the boot from the end of the post to opening Windows Explorer (including entering my password) at 50 seconds! It’s just as snappy on this Atom netbook as WinXP was.  I did upgrade the Mini from the default 1GB RAM to a 2GB chip for $25.  That may have helped.

The shutdown buttons are much better! They got rid of the lock button and shutdown button actually says what it’s going to do when you click it. Shutting down took about 15 seconds.

My Verizon broadband USB device works great with it, although I had to use compatibility mode to make the install think it was being installed in Vista.

It’s just one PC, but it’s looking like we have a winner! Tomorrow,
hopefully I’ll have time to install it on an old Dell PC.

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