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Apple iPad Dock doesn’t.

Along with my new iPad, I ordered a dock for it.


My vision for it was to leave it on the dining table so I could conveniently keep the iPad charged up as well as have it handy for viewing while eating.

Sadly, it only works if the iPad is NOT in the official Apple rubberized case.  I highly recommend the case.  It makes the iPad much less likely to be dropped and it’s a handy stand as well.  That said, it’s a royal pain trying to wrestle the tablet out of the cover.  That rubberized fabric just doesn’t want to give it up.

So the dock will be collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.

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Thoughts on the iPad

My reasons for pre-ordering the iPad were two-fold.  I wanted to be able to review it for my clients and see if it would be beneficial for their businesses and use it for my business (sweet 28% discount!).

There are already so many pictures and Youtube clips floating around that I won’t bother to include any here. 

The plusses are many, but here are a few:

– It’s a very slick device.  Slim, flat, and very close to the media tablets that the astronauts used in the movie 2001:A Space Odyssey that I drooled over so many years ago.

– For a media consumption viewing experience, it doesn’t get much better than this.  The screen is large (although not 16×9 HD resolution) and very sharp.  Books and magazines will be a pleasure to read on it, the web browsing experience (missing Flash notwithstanding) is very nice and, if you can find something to prop the device up with, videos are very engaging.

– Very fast!  The icons and apps move instantaneously on the screen and so far, everything has run smoothly with the exception of a graphic novel app that was corrected by an update later in the day.

There are minuses of course:

– No Flash in the browser.  We knew about this beforehand, but it’s still annoying.  I think someone at Adobe really ticked off Steve Jobs.

– Very weak wi-fi antenna.  I’m going to have to relocate my wi-fi transmitter because the device doesn’t work at my dinning table where both a laptop and netbook worked just fine.

– It weighs 1.5 lbs which doesn’t sound like much unless you try holding it with one hand while reading it like a book.  The awkwardness and weight quickly give your hand a cramp.  The best way to hold it is either propped on something to take the weight or cradled in your arm.

– No built-in PDF reader.  (Remember Jobs’ antipathy toward Adobe.)  So a 3rd party PDF reader needs to be acquired.  If notation and highlighting are not required, then I recommend the inexpensive app, GoodReader.  Currently $0.99, GoodReader can read both very large PDF and text files as well as music and some videos that would play on the iPad but for the finickiness of iTunes.

Videos need to be encoded in h.264 which can be done using the free Handbrake program.  Of course most commercial DVDs need to decrypted before they can be read.

I see limited business use for the device.  It can currently only replace a laptop if you have limited typing and document requirements.  Since a laptop can do just about anything that the iPad can do (as far as practical business use goes), then it wouldn’t make sense to carry both to a seminar or presentation unless you don’t need the additional features of the laptop.

I’ll be reviewing the iBooks and Kindle apps as well as the VGA output connector shortly.

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New update for XP Mode allows for non-VT PCs


Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate came with a downloadable feature called Windows XP Mode. This allowed the end user to run a "free" copy of Windows XP in a virtual computer on the same PC they were running 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows 7. This can be useful for a number reasons: browsing in a sandbox to prevent infection of the main system, overcome compatibility issues, or to run different versions of software, such as Internet Explorer.

Until recently, Microsoft required that a PC have special technology built into the hadware that allowed virtual computers to run more efficiently. This was either Intel’s "Virtualization Technology" (VT Enabled) or AMD-V.

With the new update, Virtualization Technology is no longer required.


You can find the update at the KB article website: or the Windows XP Mode download page.

Known issues:


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This is a test from my Droid.

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Ordered iPad!

Looking forward to checking it out!


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January 20, 2009 Leave a comment

I was looking up DAT tapes on the OfficeMax site for a client and this is what I was offered as related:



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