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Windows Desktop Search – Locating email

October 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Locating found email:

ok, Outlook 2007 search is slicker than spit, but when you find the email that you were looking for, how do you tell where it’s located in the Outlook store?


The search results give you the name of the folder that it’s in, but it doesn’t give you the path, (at least that I’ve been able to find).


I bought something from SonicWall and I couldn’t remember which client it was purchased for.  So I did a search in Outlook on the amount (404.74) which quickly found the email confirmation, but it didn’t give a location other than the generic folder name “Orders”.  So I could have looked in every client’s Orders folder, but I found a better way:


Using Windows Desktop Search (aka <Windows-F>), I searched for “kind:email 404.74” and the exact path for each email was listed in the folder column.


An excellent blog post that goes over the major search options:

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